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The House of the Vettii

The House of the Vettii is located at Pompeii 6.15.1. and was excavated between 1894 and 1896 revealing a lavish display of richly decorated rooms and a wealth of statuary.

This luxury house is believed to have been owned by two freedmen who became wealthy businessmen in Pompeii, Aulus Vettius Conviva and Aulus Vettius Restitutus. After the earthquake of 62 AD, the house was reconstructed and redecorated with Fourth Style wall painting paintings.

Room e, identified as an oecus, is located in the south-east corner of the atrium. The walls contain depictions of architectural structures painted in yellow and seated and standing figures can be seen in various compartments. The south wall will form the focus of this study and a detailed 3d model used to investigate its implied architecture.

Research by Martin Blazeby